General Etiquette

CANCELLATION POLICY: Our Palm Beach spa requires a credit card for all appointments and at least 24 hours notice for cancellation to avoid being charged the full price for your treatment. Groups of five or more require 72 hours notice.

CHECK-IN: We recommend arriving at least 30 minutes ahead of your scheduled treatment to allow time for lounging and lingering in the Self-Centered Garden and bath lounges.

JEWELRY: Please do not bring jewelry to the spa. Eau Spa shall not be liable for ANY loss of personal items, even if stored in our lockers. If you have any specific concerns or questions you must bring it to the attention of the staff.

LATE ARRIVALS: Please arrive on time for treatments. Unfortunately, we will need to shorten your treatment if we have another guest scheduled after you.

SERVICE PAYMENTS: All Eau Palm Beach services will be charged on the payment method used to secure your reservation. Multiple promotions/discounts cannot be combined at check-out.

REFUNDS: All sales are final.

GIFT CARD SALES:  Show your love. Woo your client. Thank your babysitter. Whatever the occasion, spoil your friends, family or co-workers with a remarkable Palm Beach Florida hotel & spa experience. All gift card sales are final.

SERVICE CHARGE: A Facility Fee of 2%, which is retained by the Spa, is added to all Service Checks.  For your convenience, a discretionary gratuity of 18% will also be added to the check.  Gratuity is provided at the discretion of the guest and is based on satisfaction with the services provided.  All gratuities are paid in full to the service providers.

MINIMUM AGE REQUIREMENTS: Eau Spa is an adult playground, so anyone under 17 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian in approved Eau Spa areas only.  No guests under 17 are allowed in the Fitness Center or beyond the Wishing Well of the spa, as the wet areas are clothing-optional.

QUALITY & FEEDBACK: Please be aware of the risks associated with the treatments you choose to enjoy. Inform your provider if you are uncomfortable or have any questions.

SPA AMENITY USE: Access to our spa's amenities, including use of the Self-Centered Garden, wet areas, and lockers, is reserved for guests receiving spa treatments.  If you are not receiving a service, access to amenities can be purchased at a fee of $100 (Friday - Sunday), $80 (Monday - Thursday), or $60 for guests of the Resort. If you are joining us for a salon, fitness, or waxing appointment, you are welcome to purchase a Day Pass at a discounted price of $40.  Exceptions may apply.

DRUG & ALCOHOL USE: For the safety of our staff and service providers, drug and alcohol abuse will not be tolerated. Inebriated guests will be denied service. 

ADDITIONAL FEES: For individuals or groups who wish to bring personal selection of Wine or Champagne there is a $25 corkage fee.  For celebration cakes a $30 cake cutting applies.  Personal Liqour  is not permitted.

When planning a celebration please ask about our amenities including a wine selection and personalized cakes.