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Our fitness center is open 24-hours and features cardio equipment, free weights, a spinning studio and yoga studio.

Classes include upbeat Barre Above, combining yoga, Pilates and dance to achieve that perfectly sculpted look. Classic Hatha Yoga will bring peace to the mind and body, through the practice of yoga poses and breathing exercises. RealRyder Spin is the ultimate indoor cycling experience to improve strength and stability, while testing your endurance.

Allow one of our certified Personal Trainers to take you through a customized exercise routine to build strength, flexibility, endurance, and coordination. Enjoy a safe and results-driven workout to help strengthen and lengthen all of your major muscle groups.

  • One 30 minute Private Session: $85 (includes Spa Day Pass at discounted rate of $40)
  • One 60 minute Private Session: $125 (includes Spa Day Pass for day of session)
  • Three 60 minute Private Sessions: $345 (valid one month, includes Spa Access for day of sessions)
  • Five 60 minute Private Sessions: $550 (valid one month, includes Spa Access for day of sessions)
  • Ten 60 minute Private Sessions: $1,050 (valid two months, includes Spa Access for day of sessions)
  • Twenty 60 minute Private Sessions: $1,995 (valid three months, includes Spa Access for day of sessions)


Increase flexibility with personal assistance while muscle functionality and range of motion are assessed.

30 Minutes for $75


Skin fold calipers are used to measure the percentage of body fat in relation to lean body mass. Athletic wear required.

30 Minutes for $45


Our certified Fitness Specialists will assess your current fitness level by testing areas such as your cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance, body composition and basal metabolic rate, and blood pressure. You will receive an analysis of your assessment along with workout guidelines based on your results.

90 Minutes for $125+


Set sail above the glistening sea as mermaids cheer you through an exhilarating 75 minute yoga practice. Relax as the waves gently lap your paddle board and strengthen your muscles as your body embraces the ebb and flow of the surf. You will find the right mix of challenge and support in this ambitious personalized class.

75 Minutes for $160


The group that plays together stays together. Create your own private fitness class for four or more people, customized to your specific goals and needs.

60 Minutes $275+


"Ahhhhhhh... I work out!" - Sexy and I Know It, LMFAO

All classes are $25 for one class. Fitness classes can be purchased in advance as a series (valid for three months following date of purchase):

  • 5 Classes: $100 (includes 50% discount on a Spa Day Pass)
  • 10 Classes: $150 (includes one complimentary Spa Day Pass)
  • 20 Classes: $200 (includes one complimentary Spa Day Pass)
  • Private Class: $125 (Spa Day Pass included for day of class)

Experience the hottest new fitness trend with this Barre fusion class! Concepts from Yoga, Pilates, and dance are perfectly blended together to create a class that helps you achieve the long, sculpted look of a dancer. No dance experience necessary. Please bring a pair of socks to wear.


Join us on the beach for this fun, full body workout that will help you to sculpt your best beach body. This class incorporates interval training, core work, athletic drills, and an exhilarating beach run. Meet in the Fitness Studio.


Sun salute. Wake up your energy and experience the many benefits of daily Yoga practice. Start your day beachside overlooking Eau's exclusively private sand. Enjoy a creative, fluid practice of an open level Vinyasa with sequences linking breath and movement. Meet in the Fitness Studio, class is held in Tranquility Pool courtyard.


Sculpt and shape your entire physique in this weight training class, while blasting tons of calories. Free weights, body bars, medicine balls, and steps are utilized to help you design your most amazing athletic body.


This practice is designed to restore the nervous system and help release deeply held tensions from the body and mind. Props will be used to support the postures, while gently stretching and strengthening the body!


Hatha is a general category that includes most yoga styles. It is an old system that includes the practice of asanas (yoga postures) and pranayama (yoga breathing exercises), which help bring peace to the mind and body, preparing the body for deeper spiritual practices such as meditation.


Traditional Pilates core exercises are performed on a mat to help achieve a beautiful shape. Pilates training is especially good for strengthening the abdominals and lower back, while improving posture and alignment.


This class will deliver you your daily dose of zen. Start you day with 30 minutes of mindfulness practice to create a more blissful flow for the rest of your day.


The ultimate 45 minute indoor cycling experience by working your body as a cohesive unit on an indoor bike! The RealRyder® Indoor Cycle tilts, turns, and leans – improving strength stability and coordination of the upper/lower body and core. Special effects lighting adds to the excitement of this awesome cardiovascular workout. Test your stamina on uphill sprints, jumps, rolling hills and more.


Yoga postures are done in an invigorating flow fashion, much like a dance. Sequential movement interlinks body movement with breath to form a continuous flow.


This class is for anyone looking to work on flexibility! Poses are held for 2-3 minutes to reach flexibility in the joints, ligaments, and connective tissue. This class cultivates greater range of motion as well as patience and meditation.